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Pediatric Trauma – Adult ED versus PAC


  • ALL pediatric trauma patients must be first evaluated in the adult trauma room
    • If they are determined to be a ayellow or red trauma team, the patient needs to stay in the adult trauma room for their evaluation/treatment ( if there is some reason this cannot happen then a senior ED provider, preferably an attending, should accompany the peds patient to the peds ED).
  • Only send rock stable patients with trivial injury mechanisms to the PAC
  • Err on the side of caution when deciding whether to send EMS/patient to PAC

One-person Trauma

 If a patient is being considered for a one-person trauma:
1) OVERHEAD PAGE:  “Trauma Senior to the Trauma Room “
2) Trauma Senior will then triage/assess the patient with the attending to decide if the patient is appropriate for one resident and which resident will take the case.
This will ensure the juniors feel supported in these cases, that the Trauma Senior is aware of the case and can learn as well.

Also, Stu would like to remind you that ALL RED AND YELLOW TRAUMAS require a full Trauma Team activation.