Where to Admit Patients

Admission Guidelines

Induced Hypothermia

Updated Therapeutic Hypothermia (June 2014)

Airway (Intubation)

EMCrit Intubation Checklist

Procedural Sedation

EMUpdates Procedural Sedation Checklist

Neuro Protocols

Hemophilia and vWF Guidelines

Hemophilia and vWF Guideline Final

Central Line Confirmation

Guidelines for the Confirmation of Every Non-Emergent Central Line

Massive Transfusion

Massive Transfusion Protocol

Tranexamic Acid (TXA) Protocol

Delivery Sheet

Non-Massive Transfusion

EHC ED Transfusion Guidelines

Bloodbank Waiver Form


EHC Hospital-Wide Anticoagulation Guidelines

ICU Admissions

ICU Admit Guidelines

Ventilator Management

Vent Sheet/Guidelines

Toxicology Protocols

High-dose Insulin Protocol

Delirium Tremens (DTs) Protocol

Interventional Radiology Protocols

What IR can perform

Disaster/Mass Casualty Incidents

Key Points on Disaster Management

Cervical Spine Clearance by Clinical Criteria

blend of NEXUS and Canadian Rules

Isolation Beds/Bugs

Types of Isolation