Using the Mindray

Mindray 1: Cardiac Room

Mindray 2-3: GYN Room 9,10 

Mindray 4-5: B-room cave

Performing the studies

Brief tutorial (Created by Jeremy Faust)

“SET” is the enter button (on top of the trackball)

    • Entering Patient information
    • Push “Patient” (Left side of keyboard)
    • Enter Patient Data
    • Diagnostician – Attending
    • Operator – Resident/PA/NP
    • Push “Exam”(Left side of keyboard)
    • —Use trackball to select the actual study (listed under the probe type) 
    • —Push “SET
    • “Depth” is located on the right of the  trackball
    • “SAVE” is on the bottom left of the trackball
    • To review images, Push “REVIEW” on the left of the keyboard
    • To review a previous study, push “iStation” (top row of keyboard)
    • For Measurements: push “Measure” on the left of the trackball, use “SET” to place calipers
    • For Clips: Push “F6”, they do not loop (Right of trackball)

QPATH on Mindray

  1.  Open Study[enter MRN, Name of Patient, Operator (resident or PA), Diagnostician(attending)]
  2. Save images.
  3. End Study
  4. F1 to open Qpath directly on machine, compete interpretation
  5. F1 again to go back to image screen
  6. To sign the charts, you must log-in to the webpage via desktop


  • Please place brief note  under PROCEDURES (should be simply – See QPATH)



  • Please keep the probes CLEAN
  • Please return them to their homebase
  • Machines are NOT to be loaned to other departments

Any questions email: Contact Danny, Sujin, Micah or Dan