QPath & Documentation

QPath Documentation –

“If you perform a study to use for medical decision-making,  you must document it at the time of service”

How and Where to Document: 

1) From the Mindray Ultrasound Machines,

  • Push F1 and complete the interpretation
  • Sign into QPATH via PC/Web-browser and sign the study

2) Sign into QPATH via PC/Web-browser and complete interpretation/sign study

Signing the Study – on the main Qpath screen “accession #”:

  • Type “Res” or “PA” – this will let the attending know you have completed your section.
  • Attendings will change this to “Res/Done” or “PA/Done”  as an indication for the collections department
  • For charts that are not completed by Residents on-shift, Attendings will be required to complete the chart, and will type “Done”  in the accession # section.
  • Incomplete scans may not be used by residents towards their ultrasound certification

*** If you have a critical study being performed (resuscitation, cardiac arrest, trauma) and a Baxter ID was used or incomplete identifying information was used, you must remember to convert the identifying information to include a full name and MRN***


  • Billing is now being performed by coders who are reviewing QPATH directly
  • For OPE, your scans will be reviewed two weeks after the end of the month


  • At this time, there is no interface between HMED & QPATH, consequently, you are also expected to complete a brief procedure note in HMED.


  • If you are uncertain about your images and would like addtional review remember to “Submit for QA” on the worksheet
  • Remember that your scans can only be QA’d if the interpretations are complete and signed.
  • All feedback will be emailed to your Hospital Email accounts (typically Novell/Groupwise).

Intersting Cases/Need Images?

  • Under Category & Classification, you can select an appropriate heading to categorize the images/clips for later review
  • Contact the ED Ultrasound leadership to obtain your PHI-free images


Can’t Login to Qpath/Novell/Groupwise? 

  • Ensure your Novell login is active and troubleshoot your access by reading this PDF.