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To all providers –

We need a concerted effort to push the “PROVIDER-IN” button.

This should be clicked as soon as you see the patient and can be back-timed to the time of contact. 

This will help us reduce the “Time to Provider”  which is a nationally reported metric.


If you see another provider who hasn’t done this, please educate them.



Thank you.






Radiology (Dr. Solodnik) requests:

When ordering MRI for spinal trauma; please add the additional note:

“trauma, assess for ligamentous injury with sagittal and axial STIR sequences”

This is to indicate to the radiology techs (particularly nights/weekends) to include an axial STIR sequence when it’s a trauma case to allow for better assessments.

Wound Cultures Ordering in Epic


When ordering a wound culture from non-sterile sites in Epic, providers should select “Culture other”. Please do not order “Tissue culture”.


Tissue culture should be ordered only on actual tissue that is sterile or surgically obtained. It should not be ordered on swabs or superficial wounds.



Thank you for your cooperation.

Pathology Administration


Epic Medication Orders – Quicklist

Check out the new tabs in the quick list section of the orders! There are now tabs for Frequently Used Meds and Antibiotics. This is in addition to the Critical Care Meds tab. This should cover almost all your ED medication orders.

Again, when ordering a weight based drip from the Critical Care Meds tab it is necessary to go into the order and choose “order specific” under weight-type and choose a weight in kg to the nearest 5 kg so that it matches up with the weights on the pharmacy drip sheets.

Epic – Rikers Chart

On discharging Rikers patients back to RI:

  • From the MAIN Trackboard, using the split bottom half the screen
  • Add to the list of options “ED Transfer Summary”
  • then
  • Print the ED Transfer Summary and all necessary labs
  • Place in sealed envelope with label and provide to Corrections Officer

Remote Access for Epic

First you will need to complete these two documents and send them to Fabio.
Confirmation of permission will be sent to your email account (the link to this account is at the bottom of this website’s main page)
You will then need to ensure your Symantec VIP access application is registered with Elmhurst
Once you are confirmed in the system – you can access epic via  using your username/passwords and Symantec VIP access application.
For other Elmhurst related accesses
 1) Install or update your anti-virus definitions; if you need a new antivirus, you may use this one from (for mac use this link)
3) Follow the instructions and download Junos Pulse Secure
4) Go to your Java Settings; in Mac, this is under System Preferences (bottom row) –> Security–> make the level of security very high
If any of these steps are incorrect, see the official email from HHC below and if needed, email/call the enterprise service desk at 718-334-2405