Sepsis Care Update

There are a handful of issues we need to improve on with regards to our sepsis care and documentation.

1. Make sure all patients with severe sepsis and/or septic shock that you enroll receive a 30cc/kg IV fluid challenge. This is not always 2 liters. Go by estimated actual body weight. If for whatever reason, you don’t want to give that amount – ESRD, CHF (although withholding this fluid challenge is probably not smart if they are truly severe sepsis) – specify on the chart/data sheet why you are withholding fluids

2. Blood cultures need to be ordered and drawn before antibiotics are given.
3. DNR/DNI patients still need their MRN’s submitted the usual way. NYS is collecting demographic data on them too. You don’t have to fill anything out. Just write DNR on the data sheet and scan it into HMED
We’re all providing good sepsis care already, we might as well get credit for it.