Take-Home Naloxone

As ED medical staff, the NYSDOH is recommending provision of take-home naloxone by us to appropriate patients. The reasons for this include the following: Prior overdose is the number one predictor of subsequent overdose, and unintentional poisoning is the leading cause of accidental death in the US, mostly from opioids.

Patients you may wish to discharge with take-home naloxone should be those who are at high risk of experiencing or witnessing opioid overdose, such as the following populations: Unintentional heroin or prescription opioid overdose; IV drug use; Suspected or known history of nonmedical opioid misuse; Previous overdose; Methadone prescription; Voluntary request.

Referral for Take Home Naloxone and Counseling:

EHC’s Chemical Dependency service operates an Opioid Overdose Prevention Program (718-334-3195). The program’s purpose is to identify patients, peers, and family members with the potential to prevent opioid overdose.  This program trains Opioid Overdose Responders with skills including the recognition of opioid overdose and appropriate interventions, including the administration of naloxone. You can contact Usha Tandon, MD with any questions about the program: tandonu@nychhc.org<mailto:tandonu@nychhc.org>

Elmhurst Hospital Center

Chemical Dependency Program

79-01 Broadway

Annex O, 2nd Floor

Elmhurst, New York 11373

Director: Tyrone Rodman


For patients without insurance (who we normally refer to EHC outpatient pharmacy):

Naloxone (NARCAN) O.D. Prevention Kits kit are ordered and dispensed by an Authorized Provider at the EHC Chemical Dependency clinic (see above).  Only intranasal kits are available.  Pharmacy prepares them for the Program.

For patients with insurance (including Medicaid) who cannot fill prescriptions at the EHC pharmacy – must to go to outside/retail pharmacy:

Prescription options*: (1) Intranasal naloxone HCl 1mg/mL 2 x 2mL prefilled syringe and 2 x atomizing device; (2) Intramuscular naloxone HCl 0.4 mg/mL (Narcan) 1 x 10 ml fliptop vial and intramuscular syringe; (3) Auto-injector EVZIO 0.4 mg two-pack (this option may require prior authorization)

*Billing and Payment: As of October 1, 2015, New York State Medicaid covers naloxone vials/prefilled syringes, atomizers, and/or auto-injectors.1 Over-the-counter naloxone is available at participating pharmacies, including Rite Aids, for around $50. Pharmacists are trained to provide patient education when dispensing take-home naloxone kits.