Remote Access for Epic

First you will need to complete these two documents and send them to Fabio.
Confirmation of permission will be sent to your email account (the link to this account is at the bottom of this website’s main page)
You will then need to ensure your Symantec VIP access application is registered with Elmhurst
Once you are confirmed in the system – you can access epic via  using your username/passwords and Symantec VIP access application.
For other Elmhurst related accesses
 1) Install or update your anti-virus definitions; if you need a new antivirus, you may use this one from (for mac use this link)
3) Follow the instructions and download Junos Pulse Secure
4) Go to your Java Settings; in Mac, this is under System Preferences (bottom row) –> Security–> make the level of security very high
If any of these steps are incorrect, see the official email from HHC below and if needed, email/call the enterprise service desk at 718-334-2405