Elmhurst Reminders as of 9/2015

Elmhurst Reminders –

1) Novell Access = Qpath Access
– please ensure you are able to log-in to Novell / Qpath
– if you cannot, please call 4-2405 to make this happen

2) Qpath
– if you do a scan you —>  chart the scan –> this is medicolegal
– PGY1/2 –> cannot perform study without attending at bedside with them  ((Take advantage of this as it may be a 1 on 1 moment for education!)
– PGY 3/4–> can perform study alone, however, attending must see images to make decision
– if you are not completing it, your attending must
How to use Mindray (with Tutorial by J.Faust)
How to QPATH

* if you are doing an endovaginal study; ask the attending if they’d like to be in the room prior to the study
** if you are not in the system, please inform either Dr Lakoff or Dr. Duque

3) Tracking Clinical Issues at Elmhurst

Observation Unit
– if you are having any issues delaying a transfer of a patient to the
Observation unit i.e. cannot take sign out for a prolonged period of
time, you think a case was inappropriately refused etc

– if you are having signficant delays, refusal to see patients, CPEP
refusing to accept patient

– if you are having any profesionalism issues with techs, techs
pushing patients back without telling you, refusing to perform scans
for any reasons, any issue compromising/delaying patient care/safey

– During Red Traumas, If anesthesia interferes with the Airway in any
possible way i.e. stands at the head of the bed uninvited, performs
the procedure etc

* Please email Joe and cc Dan Lakoff with a professional level
email/description of the event, complete with names/dates and medical
records, these will be kept as record keeping of the events to track
the issues.  Though we may not be able to resolve immediately, they
will be considered
* If the case is compromising care, let your attending know, charge
nurse, and AOD as needed and complete an incident form

3a) Trauma Announcements:
– A wall has been cleared in the trauma bay (next to the sink)  for announcements and reminders

3b) Trauma Procedures:
– Truly emergent procedures are to be done by the providers present otherwise, please abide by the Even/Odd rule

Odd Day – Emergency
Even Day – Surgery

* the exact day the procedure needs to be done is the service that performs it (not time of arrival)*
* reasons for any abberancies should be documented in the chart, and/or emailed to your program directors to pre-empt any further issues

4) ED violence –
Always an important topic for residents, please do not ever put yourselves in harms way.

If needed:
–  Get your attending immediately
–  Attempt verbal de-escalation
–  Use protective equipment
–  Call hospital security (4-1945)
–  Restrain with assistance from HP and nursing
–  Chemically restrain with the appropriate medications

* incident reports must be completed for tracking purposes
* if any medical care is needed, REGISTER with the ED (as this is worker’s comp-related) and there should be NO charges.
* a new red siren icon is on HMED that can be applied to the patients who may be violent; this can be done by speaking to the charge nurse (however, this has be applied each and every time the patient presents to the ED).