EM Residents on Ortho Rotation

These are the expectations:

EM residents on ortho will have:
1. one full day off per week (as mandated by Mt. Sinai); overnight to
day turn around that results in “24 hours off” does not count.
2. one weekend off (not starting after a Fri overnight)
3. when possible, off on Wed morning to go to EM conference (but this
does not count as the day off because going to conf is not “off”).
4. no duty hour violations
5. no OR time.

Additionally, if you’d like more practice with shoulder reductions (that are typically NOT called as Ortho consults) you can also create a poster with your name, rotation dates, contact informatio and place in the cardiac/trauma room, as well as inform the Cardiac/Trauma attending that you are availalable to help if needed.