SaferStreets Research Project

“Safer Streets” is a prospective, observational study of pedestrians and bicyclists struck by motor vehicles.

We need your help with identifying patients – especially from Friday evening to Monday morning.

Monday-Friday (8am-4pm): A study investigator (neurosurgery PA most commonly) will interview the patient and EMS at the bedside after being informed by a page sent by the ED clerk.  You need to do nothing.  If you have a ped/bicyclist struck, please just ask the clerks if they paged the Safer Streets pager.

Monday-Friday (4pm-8am) & Saturday/Sunday: Will sporadically have study investigators available so we are asking that you do the following steps:

  1. Obtain the SaferStreet study forms (also available in the Trauma Room in the lower most bin that you see on the left as you’re walking out); give the patient page 1
  2. Ask the patient if they’re willing to be called.
  3. Obtain the patient’s phone number
  4. Have them complete page 3 (add the MRN)
  5. Place page 2 and 3 into the Green Folder (also in the bin)

The Principle Investigator is Jamie Ullman (Elmhurst neurosurgeon) with Co PIs Dr. Kessler & Dr.Shah